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“The Blue Door” – Long Beach, CA

These photos are now online. Joey has been pestering me for years about these – here they are. The resolution is fair, and so is the stitching. If you click them you can zoom in and read the details in the larger ones.

These photos were taken just before Joey moved out of this place. Looking back, It doesn’t look like he had started much of the packing. The door is now white, on the south east corner behind the house next to the alley. Looks different in Google’s light.

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Broadway Bomb 2009 NYC

Pink & 200 of his closest longboarding friends

Yep thats me at 1 minute 40 seconds above the “Mitch ‘Gas Pipe”‘ credit, you can click the picture to watch it on YouTube. Sporting a tan shirt with a design by my friend Ira Shain, camo shorts and a helmet. I always skate in Adidas Samoas on a Gravity skateboard. (Sponsor me already!) I’ve been working too much and the above race was a welcome change up from the day job.

Watch the video this picture came from on YouTube – trust me, it’s worth it.