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Night before Halloween++

Granted, it’s the day after Christmas. Enough said. I’ve been really, really busy working on a short film. That’s my excuse for lack of updates.

Anyway, I digress. Onward to a picture, on the night before Halloween. Yup, that’s Pooh playing Buck Hunter.

Also, I found a Ralph Steadman in Bleeker Street bar.

Also, this the lobby of my building. It’s awesome when you have ambitious neighbors. People truly make a place.

Broadway Bomb 2009 NYC

Pink & 200 of his closest longboarding friends

Yep thats me at 1 minute 40 seconds above the “Mitch ‘Gas Pipe”‘ credit, you can click the picture to watch it on YouTube. Sporting a tan shirt with a design by my friend Ira Shain, camo shorts and a helmet. I always skate in Adidas Samoas on a Gravity skateboard. (Sponsor me already!) I’ve been working too much and the above race was a welcome change up from the day job.

Watch the video this picture came from on YouTube – trust me, it’s worth it.