Squarepusher Presents

Plaistow Flex Out

The Beutiful Music by Tom Jenkinson a.k.a Squarepusher

Music Video Written, Produced, & Directed


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Plaistow Flex Out - The Music Video (click here).

Note : Make sure to use the latest version of Quicktime or a nice linux distro like Debian

Special Thanks to these fine folks for various reasons in no apparent order:

Jason Schugardt / Scott Leberecht / Robin Foley / Docktor Kavorkian
Dean F / Bret StClair / D Casey / Adam Bonalanza / Jack Daniels / Jesper Nybroe
Andrew Reitsma / Joe Henke / Eric Alba / Rolf Mohr / Micahel Abbott / All the ladies...

P.F.O. Screenings :

Warp Records - Squarepusher, Go Plastic! Animation Competition (why we did this)
Kool Aid - Best of Show, Los Angeles CA
Sonic Acts 2001, Amsterdamn
Lovebytes 2002, UK
Coachella 2002, California USA
"Language within the moving image" presentation by Kees Brienen at media centers in Osaka & Kyoto, Japan

Create your own adventures!

Download the P.F.O. Robot NURBS model here, in a zipped in a Maya (v3.0 compatible) ascii format.
(1MB, sorry no textures)

Last Updated : 2007-01-23

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