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Working for Microsoft as a User Experience Designer

Writing glsl shaders for the EyeCandy iPad VJ App created by tomandandy

Visual Effects Experience

My reels, or a curated compilation of my Visual Effects work. The exhaustive list lies below.



Other misc. older stills from the reel.





A fairly complete list of everything I've worked on

Estee Lauder "Perfectionist [CP+R]" (Commercial 2012)

Dell "XPS 13 Ultrabook" (Commercial 2012)

Lowes "Spring Storage" (Commercial 2012)

Lowes "myLowes Exploded" (Commercial 2011)

Chips Ahoy "Football" (Commercial 2010)

LG "Pond Man" (Commercial 2010)

AT&T "Baseball - Double Coverage" (Commercial 2010)

Purina "Leash" (Commercial 2010)

MGMT "Congratulations" (Music Video 2010)

Jose Cuervo "Silver" (Commercial 2010)

I'm Here, directed by Spike Jonze (Short Film 2010)

ONDCP "Tree Service" (PSA 2010)

Round-Up (Commercial 2009)

Comcast ad for U2 (Promo 2009)

The Ladders "Chairs" (Commercial 2009)

XBOX "Lips" (Commercial 2008)

Guitar Hero "Bike Hero" (Viral 2008)

Maryland Lottery "Double Bubble" (Commercial 2007)

Duracell - Hospital (Commercial 2007)

CG Supervisor - Riot NY, Sept. 2007 - July 2010. (Now Method Studios)

Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem (feature, 2007)

Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer (feature, 2007)

Tool "Vicarious" (Music Video, tbr)

The Invasion (feature, 2007)

Outkast "DontChu" (Music Video, 2006)

The Island of Doctor Death (feature, tbr)

Uh-oh - A brief encounter (short, 2006)

Coke, China (commercials, 2006)

The Fog (feature, 2005)

Transporter 2 (feature, 2005)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory [Opening Sequence] (feature, 2005)

Western Union, "Tornado" (commercial, 2005)

Chevy, "Ears Cover Lady" (commercial, 2005)

Believe Inc. (2004)

Level 3 (commercial, 2003)

X2 : X-Men United [titles] (20th Century Fox, 2003)

Master and Commander - Far Side of the World (20th Century Fox, 2003)

Minority Report (Dreamworks/Fox, 2002)

XXX [titles] (feature, 2002)

Pearl Harbor, Directors-cut DVD (Dreamworks 2003)

Scooby Doo Title Pitch (2002)

Black Hawk Down (Sony Pictures 2001)

Dave Matthews Band, "I Did It" (Music Video, 2001)

The Offspring, "Original Prankster" (Music Video, 2000)

Vast, "I Dissappear" (Music Video, 2000)

X-Men (20th Century Fox, 2000)

Metallica, "I Dissappear" (Music Video, 2000)

Pinocchio 2 (Unrealesed, 2000)

Fortress 2 (Feature, 1999)

Dolby Digital, "Aurora" (Trailer, 1999)

Wing Commander (Feature, 1999)

Turbulence (Feature, 1997)

Air Force One (Feature, 1997)

The Fantasticks (1996)

Species (1995)