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Apple Shake on Debian Linux 6.0 64-bit [updated]

Updated for Debian 6.0 “squeeze”.

If you’re like me you think Shake was the pinnacle of image compositing packages. Everything else is just more of the same. One thing it still does better than anything is allow for back end pipelines. ALL of shakes compositing features are available from the command line. This is because in version 1, you had to build your compositing ‘trees’ by writing text files by hand (with vi of course). More or less you typed out your own .shk file.Yep, scriptwriter heaven. The actual UI didn’t appear till 1.5 or maybe 2 (my memory is hazy on this techinical bit).

So, I’m still interested in running it (on linux) to this day. However in the modern world Shake needs a little to help to run on these newer operating systems.

After a grueling few hours of crawling through the cobwebs I’ve figured it out. Assuming you’re doing most of the stuff here:


You need these packages:

Install the /usr/lib/lib* files in the .deb archive from to the $NR_SHAKE_LOCATION/lib/