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My 2011 Visual Effects Demo Reel

I present my 2011 VFX Demo Reel with all new content.
Pinkreel 2011. 113MB. HD720p. 24fps. 3:03. H.264. Help from many. Music by Plaid.
High resolution version of the above picutre.
It’s been a few years since my 2007 demo reel, I hope you enjoy it.

You can find a detailed list of my responsibilities for the various spots on my resume page. Plus I’m happy to discuss ‘how we did it’. That’s the fun part.

This was edited on my Debian Linux 6.0 “squeeze” distribution (64-bit) with Kdenlive. I used Quicktime compressed with JPEG maximum quality for the intermediate codec from original source material. Running on an Intel Core i7 CPU. The playback was pretty amazing. This is why I donate to free and open source software and you should to.

XBOX Lips : Gomez spotlight

Thought I’d show off some character designs I came up for an XBOX Lips commercial from a couple years back. I kept trying to name him ‘Gomez’, it didn’t stick and he was better known as “Lippy”. These 3D models were a study from a 2D design provided by the agency. He was a tricky guy to fit all those teeth into. The final one was produced as hybrid comp trick so that we could fit a huge mouth magically into a space smaller than the volume of his torso.

Shout outs to the ISZ and Sam Kieth!

It’s a wrap.

Just finished a grueling few months on Spike Jonze’ new short film “I’m Here” premiering this Thrusday at the Sundance film festival. Have a read below. (it’s where i nabbed the really awesome pic.) Also, I’m going to finally get to snowboard that Utah snow!


I was really proud of our team at Method Studios – well over 250 shots in about 2.5 months.