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“The Blue Door” – Long Beach, CA

These photos are now online. Joey has been pestering me for years about these – here they are. The resolution is fair, and so is the stitching. If you click them you can zoom in and read the details in the larger ones.

These photos were taken just before Joey moved out of this place. Looking back, It doesn’t look like he had started much of the packing. The door is now white, on the south east corner behind the house next to the alley. Looks different in Google’s light.

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Getting to second base.

Preparing to take a picture from second base at Yankee's Stadium

Well, I never played anything but softball when I was in 2nd grade or something, yet somehow I’ve managed to find myself on holy ground at second base in the new Yankee’s stadium. And the majority of my teachers never thought I’d get anywhere (except for Judy Hemphill).

If you’re wondering WTF, well let me explain. Apparently you can’t actually make a commercial starring the Yankees and film at the stadium. You have to take an awesome ferry to Staten, shoot them there and fill in the stadium later in post. So, somehow, I got to be the lucky guy let onto the field to take reference photography. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a tri-pod out with me as the turf is worth more than the GDP of small countries or something.

Photo credit : Al Torres